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B.A., B.Ed., D.D.S., D.Endo. F.R.C.D. (C)

Dr. Kevin Calzonetti received his DDS from the University of Detroit Mercy in 1992 and attended his dental residency at the Hamilton General Hospital from 1992 to 1993. Dr. Calzonetti went on to practice general dentistry at his father's practice, Dr. A. J. Calzonetti, from 1993 to 1995. In 1997, he graduated from the University of Toronto's Endodontic program and opened his endodontic practice in 1998.


Dr. Calzonetti is also a part-time clinical instructor at the University of Toronto in the Post Graduate Endodontic Department. He is a member of the Ontario Dental Association, the Ontario Society of Endodontists; Canadian Academy of Endodontists, American Association of Endodontists; Past President of the Ontario Society of Endodontists and a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.


DDS, Specialist in Endodontics, F.R.C.D(C)

Dr. Plazas-Garzon is a graduate from Pontifical Xavierian University, School of Dentistry In Bogota-Colombia; He is also an endodontic post-graduate from the same university. He successfully finished the Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Program (DSATP) at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry. Dr.Plazas-Garzon served as a faculty member at the Pontifical Xavierian University from 1999 to 2007, He also served as the undergraduate Endodontic program director at the University of Toronto from 2008 to 2019, presently he is a clinical instructor for the graduate and undergraduate programs in Endodontics at the University of Toronto, he is member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, Ontario Dental Association, Canadian Academy of Endodontists and the American association of Endodontists he is also a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. Dr. Plazas-Garzon has presented numerous lectures both nationally and internationally, and published papers in peer reviewed Journals.



B.Sc., D.M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.D. (C)

Dr. Valerie Tom-Kun received her Honours Bachelor of Science degree  
from the University of Toronto in 2002 and then continued on to obtain  her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of British Columbia in 2006. She has completed a General Dentistry Residency at the University of Alberta in 2007 and has practiced as a general dentist from 2008-2011 in Alberta and Ontario. Dr. Tom-Kun received her Master of Sciences degree and Specialty Training in Endodontics from the University of Toronto in 2011.



Dr. Ali Taherian graduated in 2003 from Isfahan University in Iran and then completed his 3 year Endodontic specialty program in Melli University in Tehran. After graduation in 2008, he had a successful endodontic practice for 7 years before moving to Canada. In 2014 he passed the equivalency exams of Canada for general dentistry and in 2017, he was accepted in the Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Program in Endodontics at University of Toronto. 


Currently, he is a fellow of Royal College of Dentists of Canada (RCDC) and a licensed Endodontist in Ontario and a member of Ontario Society of Endodontists (OSE). He is also a part-time clinical instructor at the University of Toronto.



B.Sc. Phm., D.D.S., M.Sc. (Anaesth.)

Dr. Gizzarelli completed his first degree at the University of Toronto in pharmacy. He worked as a pharmacist at Toronto General Hospital for 2 years before returning to the University of Toronto to study dentistry. Following his dental degree, he continued his studies at the same university and completed a 3-year Master's degree in Dental Anaesthesia.


During these 3 years, Gino trained in the operating rooms of the Hospital for Sick Children and Toronto East General Hospital with other training rotations at Toronto Western and Toronto General Hospitals. Gino continues to work as a part time clinical pharmacist in the same hospital and he has been providing sedation/anaesthesia services safely in various dental offices for the last 15 years.

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